Sanghavi College of Engineering - Lecture Halls & Classrooms
Lecture Halls & Classrooms

Modern, spacious well ventilated classrooms, equipped with Projector & advanced teaching aids, provide facilities for teaching, learning and discussions, creates a conducive environment to learning.

Sanghavi College of Engineering - Workshops Sanghavi College of Engineering - Labs
Labs & Workshops

Fully equipped Physics, Chemistry, Electrical and Electronics, Computer and Language Labs and workshops. As per AICTE specifications have been provided for hands-on learning. Each lab is equipped with latest equipment and the workshops are virtual machine shops for welding, shit metal, fluid machines and other machines to provide first hand learning experiences to students.

Sanghavi College of Engineering - Library

A virtual Knowledge Hub: A well-equipped library caters to latest knowledge base in Technology and Engineering with a vast repository of resources; Books, International and National Journals, Magazines, Conference Proceedings, with spacious reading rooms, Reference Section and a Digital Library.

Sanghavi College of Engineering - State-of-the art Computer Labs
Computer Labs

Equipped with LCD Monitors, Pentium IV computers & latest application software. The Computer Labs have round the clock high speed internet connectivity with a well-structured LAN.

Sanghavi College of Engineering - Internet Facility
Internet Facility

The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, facilitating students to access the internet, anywhere and everywhere.

Sanghavi College of Engineering - Transport

A fleet of buses for students' in-city and neighbouring connects- transportation is available.

Sanghavi College of Engineering - Anti-Ragging Measures
Anti-Ragging Measures

Ragging is strictly banned in & outside the campus premises, Departments, Hostels, Sports grounds, Canteen or in College Transports. Anyone found guilty of indulgence in ragging and /or abetting ragging is liable to be punished, appropriately.

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